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Women’s health

Women's Health and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

We provide a holistic approach to women’s health, optimizing lab results to enhance quality of life. Our comprehensive evaluations and treatments address hormone imbalances and gender biases in medicine, ensuring women receive the specialized care they need to feel their best.

Holistic Approach to Women's Health

At our practice, we prioritize a holistic approach to women’s health, understanding that optimizing lab results is crucial to improving quality of life. Many women feel frustrated when primary care offices deem their labs “normal” despite persistent symptoms. We recognize that within the “normal” range, there is an optimal range where women feel their best. Our goal is to help our patients achieve this optimal range, restoring vitality and well-being.

Hormone Evaluation and Treatment

We offer comprehensive treatment plans, evaluating all hormones because imbalances in one hormone often affect others. This thorough approach allows us to pinpoint issues and create effective solutions. Our commitment to comprehensive care ensures that we address all factors impacting your health, bringing your body back to balance.

Addressing Gender Bias in Medicine

Women are frequently overlooked in medicine, leading to health problems and decreased quality of life. Studies on hormones are often gender-biased, leaving women underserved. Conditions like PCOS, menopause, peri-menopause, adrenal dysfunction, and thyroid dysfunction require specialized care. Our dedicated team listens and addresses these issues to help you feel your best.

Adrenal Dysfunction

Understanding its Impact on Women’s Health

Adrenal dysfunction, often dismissed by traditional medicine, is a significant contributor to the decline in women’s quality of life. Though not always recognized as a formal diagnosis, it is very real and impacts many women. Commonly known as “low cortisol” or “high cortisol,” adrenal fatigue affects hormone balance and overall well-being.

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Signs and symptoms of adrenal dysfunction:

Women suffering from adrenal dysfunction often face dismissal from primary care providers. The condition progresses through various stages, with symptoms varying depending on whether cortisol levels are high or low. Regardless of the stage, adrenal dysfunction negatively impacts quality of life, causing fatigue, mood swings, and other health issues.

Women’s Sex Hormones: Progesterone, Estrogen, DHEA, and Testosterone

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) offers a natural and effective solution for women experiencing hormonal imbalances. By using hormones that are chemically identical to those produced by the body, BHRT helps alleviate a range of symptoms associated with menopause, peri-menopause, and other hormonal issues. This therapy not only addresses immediate discomforts but also contributes to long-term health and well-being.

Here are some key benefits:

1. reduces anxiety, depression, PMS/PMDD

2. neuroprotective, supporting memory and sleep

3. lubricates vaginal mucosa

4. cardiovascular disease reduction

5. prevents osteoporosis

6. stimulate collagen and elastin production resulting in anti-aging and hydrating skin effects

7. stimulate collagen and elastin production resulting in anti-aging and hydrating skin effects

8. maintain elasticity of the pelvic organs and prevents pelvic organ prolapse

9. improves glucose metabolism

10. improves insulin sensitivity

11. increased energy

12. improves libido

Common hormonal imbalances by age

Hormonal imbalances can affect women at various stages of life, from puberty to menopause. Understanding these common imbalances helps in managing symptoms and maintaining overall health. Here are key hormonal issues women may face at different ages.

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Women generally in their 30s or younger, considered “pre-menopausal.”

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Women generally in their 40s are considered “peri-menopausal.”

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women generally in their 50s and older are considered “menopausal.”

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Symptoms of women’s sex hormone imbalances include

Conditions we treat Here at PVH Clinic

Treatment methods include oral medications, creams, patches, and injections.

Increased risk of blood clots: BHRT may increase the risk of developing blood clots, particularly in women with a history of clotting disorders.

Breast cancer: Some studies suggest a potential link between hormone replacement therapy and an increased risk of breast cancer.

Heart disease: There may be an increased risk of heart disease for some women, particularly those who start BHRT many years after menopause.

Stroke: BHRT could potentially elevate the risk of stroke, especially in older women or those with a history of cardiovascular issues.

Gallbladder disease: Hormone therapy may increase the risk of gallbladder disease or gallstones.

Risks of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

While Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) offers many benefits, it’s important to be aware of potential risks. These risks can vary depending on individual health factors and should be discussed with a healthcare provider.

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